The past few years have been busy for Japanese noise-rockers the Boredoms (pictured above), filled with remixes, recordings, and the acclaimed Super Roots series. After a series of rumors concerning whether or not the show would happen, Boredoms have officially confirmed that on July 7, 2007 they will be performing with 77 drummers in Brooklyn Bridge Park. 77 Drums will feature members of Gang Gang Dance, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Excepter, and others.

While most people cruise through summer with ease, some of us are shivering with fear. Why? Well, the Spice Girls have reunited for a world tour. Unsatisfied with all of the money David Beckham makes, Victoria Beckham (a.k.a. Posh Spice), and Eddie Murphy’s baby momma (a.k.a. Mel Brown, a.k.a. Scary Spice), are leading the girls on an 11-date world tour. The apocalypse is upon us. Cyanide is the easy way out.

Snoop Dogg (above, as if you couldn’t tell) is trying his damnedest to move to Australia. Tired of L.A. and the same ol’ same ol’, the Doggfather has chosen the Down Under as his new locale. He was apparently denied entrance to the country in April, when the government did a background check on him. Now he’s ready to prove that his love for Australia is for the long haul. You can sign his petition at the MTV Australia website

Psych-pop group Animal Collective will be touring the States…again. Scott Colburn–who produces AC, as well as the Arcade Fire–will be bringing along his Wizard Prison project for a series of select dates. Wizard Prison is a creepy, mystical epic that details the tribulations of a future primitive Peruvian people. Neo-indie-psych-folk hipsters beware. This is like Sol Invictus meets The Microphones meets William Burroughs.

Cameron Octigan

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