What ever happened to Gorillaz cohort Jamie Hewlett? Well, he’s currently working with sex toy company Jimmy Jane on producing a series of luxury vibrators called the “Ultimate Members” collection, based on the Gorillaz characters. If you’ve ever really, really liked the band, prices start at $275. The whole, erm, package, is just under two grand.

Rumor has it, Matthew Dear (above) is actually a cleverly engineered techno robot, which might explain why he even puts Madlib to shame in terms of being prolific. If touring non-stop as Audion isn’t enough, then surely starting a band would be enough. Not for him. Mid-July will see the release of a new album, 2007, under his False moniker. Where Audion explores the spirit of old school Detroit, False is a taut, futuristic guise, enamored with both subtlety and texture.

Gay-rights activist Peter Tatchell is working to promote tolerance within the reggae community. He wants people of all creeds and colors to feel welcome at music events, and free from fear of violence. Beenie Man and Sizzla are among the artists who have signed the accord brought to them by Tatchell, but as of yet several others have not. That list includes all the usual suspects–Elephant Man, TOK, Bounty Killa, Vybz Kartel, and Buju Banton. Here’s hoping.

According to our friends at Pitchfork, Service’s member Tristan Bechet got butt-ass naked during the duo’s last song while opening for The Faint in Omaha, Nebraska. As the city is God’s country, an off-duty po-po jumped on stage, swooped up Bechet, and before you know it, there were a grip of men in blue, covering up the wild man’ s privates. Bechet was released early this morning on $450 bail. Will A Touch of Class Recordings foot the bill or is that the sort of thing a band must pay for itself?