Various Rvng Prsnts Mx5: Justine DRVNG
If you ever went through a goth phase, this record will take you straight back to your days as a cape-clad lone dancer. Justine D (best known for starting the Motherfucker party in New York) offers up a killer mix with tracks from Christian Death, to Death in June, to Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom. We recommend popping this in when getting into extreme-rage mode.

Acrnym is a 20-year-old, Scotland-based artist named Calum Gunn, and he creates scattery, buzz-heavy, speed-freak breakcore that’s completely shredding. How do these youngsters do it?

A-PlusMy Last Good DeedHiero Imperium
A-Plus is a founding member of both Souls of Mischief and Hieroglyphics–which says loads about this dude’s talent. On My Last Good Deed, Plus offers a potent, soulful, lyrically uplifting LP (see anti-bling references, et al.) that features production from RA the Rugged Man, AAGEE, and Lil Fame. This is destined-to-be-classic hip-hop.

Terminal 11 Fractured SunshineHymen
Terminal 11’s sixth record slays. After releasing a bunch of jams on Cock Rock Disco and Phthalo, this guy’s established himself as an experimental, post-drum & bass icon. Imagine flurries of data making their way through a fax machine linked to hell.

Not unlike Lichens or Andrew Rothbard, Softwar carries on the tradition of hazy psychedelia. Delicate vocals, lots of chimes, and humming feedback dominate this stellar release from these four visionaries (one of whom is XLR8R‘s own Kerry McLaughlin). It’s time to trip out, man.

Yacht I Believe in You. Your Magic is RealMarriage
Yacht is a one-man new-wave machine. Coming straight out of Portland, this guy blends power-pop melodies, ’50s harmonies, and a little electro-punk to create I Believe in You. Your Magic is Real. He’s also one-half of K Records’ The Blow, who is equally radical.

Sa-RaThe Hollywood RecordingsBabygrande
The Sa-Ra collective is insane. Members have collaborated with Ice T, Dr. Dre, Jurassic 5, and Kanye, yet the group sounds nothing like its contemporaries. If spiritual soul-hop exists (without being religious) this is it.

Omar Rodriguez-LopezSe Dice Bisonte, No BufaloGSL
We’ve been waiting for this moment. One-half of power-duo The Mars Volta, Rodriguez-Lopez displays his lust for delay and passion for minimal prog-rock on Se Dice Bisonte, No Bufalo. Punks, guitar nerds, and other weirdos are so pumped (and they should be).

Young BuckBuck the WorldG-Unit
With tracks like “Say It to My Face” and “Buss Yo Head,” you know Young Buck is hella hostile. Although he’s affiliated with G-Unit, there’s no typical 50 Cent production here. Buck the World thumps out dirty south beats, evil choruses, and a whole lot of swear words.

OOIOOOOEYEOO (Eye Remix)Thrill Jockey
OOIOO makes Japanese noise-pop that’s not annoying, sparse, or mellow. And when Eye from Boredoms has his way with these tracks, the once-minimal percussion becomes an onslaught of scattered drum mayhem. Between Yoshimi’s (also a member of Boredoms) cheerleader-chants and Eye’s scratchy production, people are going to trip.

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