Various Shut Up and Dance! Updated.Ostgut Ton
Leave it up to the Germans to integrate the Staatsballet and electronic music on a collaborative platform. For Shut Up and Dance!, five artists (including Ame, Sleep Archive, and The 7th Plain) offer minimal, orchestral techno set to be choreographed by the Staatsballet at Berlin’s Berghain club. Atmospheric, lush, and Kompakt-esque, Shut Up and Dance! is a nice treat from five rad producers.

VariousMoodmusic Records: 10 Years Anniversary CompilationMoodmusic
It’s been a good decade for clubs everywhere, partially because of Moodmusic’s consistently blossoming tech-house catalog. For its fifth CD release, the Berlin-based label gives us a 2-disc collection of hits from Henrik Schwarz, Sasse, and Spirit Catcher, amongst a sea of others. Maybe we should relocate our office to Berlin.

Bang Gang Something WrongFrom Nowhere
Not unlike Icelandic lethargy rockers Sigur Rós, or even Bjork, Bang Gang knows the meaning of melancholic music. Multi-instrumentalist Bardi Johannsson, along with gang, gets delicate with tons of strings, mellow guitarscapes, and soft female vocals. There are few things wrong with Something Wrong.

Stateless S/T !K7
Like Thom Yorke collaborating with Boards of Canada, Stateless has emerged with a new sensitive-man sound, complete with glitchy breaks and Brit-vocals. These five Leeds-based gentlemen meld layers of crisp synths, live drumming, turntablism, and rocking guitars into a DJ Shadow-approved pop sandwich. It tastes pretty good.

DeadbeatJourneyman’s Annual Scape
Scott Monteith (a.k.a. Deadbeat) has just released his most legit full-length to date (which is saying a lot, given his history as an electronic music pioneer). Journeyman’s Annual is dubstep of the darkest variety–complete with incessantly throbbing bass, tons of fuzzy textures, and doomy percussion.

Bonde Do RoleWith LazersDomino
If the genre “baile punk” exists, Bonde Do Role is its originator. With Lazers is the Brazilian trio’s debut album, and this shit smokes. Taking cues from 2ManyDJs and Diplo, BDR makes humanized dance music that’s heavy and banging. Feel the wrath of Brazil!

Various 10 Years of Tiefschwarz: Black Musik/RemixedSouvenir
The name Tiefschwarz means “deep black” in German, and these two discs are all black, all day. Remixed features the ‘Schwarz reinterpreting its own work, and guests like Radio Slave, Samim, and Turntablerocker doing the same. Blackmusik is an uber-dark compilation of 4 a.m. rockers from the likes of Recloose, James Figurine, Brooks, Ron Trent, and tons of others. May the ‘Schwarz be with you.

ColleenLes Ondes SilencieusesLeaf
We love Colleen. It’s not everyday that an artist can shift from turning out effect-laden, sample-based tracks to creating an entire album with an unadorned viol (a seventeenth century half-cello, half-guitar). Between the thick resonance of the instrument itself and Colleen’s epic sense of songwriting, Les Ondes Silencieuses will floor anyone with a taste for classical or ambient music.

Betty DavisThey Say I’m DifferentLight In the Attic
The queen of hard funk is officially reissued–and we’re psyched. They Say I’m Different contains Davis’ signature vocal rasp and wah guitar mayhem that have influenced everyone from Tina Turner to Karen O. Get Some.

VariousArtDon’tSleep Presents: From L.A. With LoveMilan
Andrew Lojero is an L.A.-based producer/promoter who has had his foot in the underground for days now. On From L.A. With Love Lojero pulled some of the city’s top producers, bands, and MCs that have helped define a new wave of artistry. With unreleased tracks from Free Moral Agents, Flying Lotus, Exile, and Nathan Yell, L.A. is still ripe with amazing talent.

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