BarbedDouble Click CountrysideLoaf
Unlike labelmates Black Devil Disco Club, Barbed kicks out dark, experimental free jazz. Lush pads melt into skittery drums and horns that make you want to jive and then crawl under a rock. Double Click Countryside is creepy, pretty, and danceable all at once. Nice.

The NationalBoxerBeggars
There’s no surprise that Peter Katis (Interpol) produced Boxer, because this long-player summons the spirit of really dark Interpol B-sides. That said, it’s still an awesome record. These five New Yorkers pump out melancholy jams that will make a few Midwestern 20-somethings have the bedroom retrospective thinking session of a lifetime.

Attractive and Popular Money Equals MagicGold Standard Labs
Comparable to GSL labelhead Sonny Kay’s past endeavors (Angel Hair, The VSS), Attractive and Popular makes post-punk of the spazziest and synthiest variety. These newcomers please the punks with their potent California vibes.

Dub TrioCool Out and CoexistROIR
Dub Trio are one of those bands that we can’t help but love. Any dudes who mash up noise-rock, dub, and punk (and do it well) are OK in our book. Cool Out and Coexist was recorded live at Brooklyn’s Union Pool and this shit is heavy, deep, and ready for bass deployment.

MochipetGirls Love BreakcoreDaly City
Breakcore is a pretty easy genre to map out, but Mochipet has completely broken the mold. With contributions from Otto Von Shirach, Twink, and Aaron Spectre, Girls Love Breakcore may make any dreadlocked hardcore enthusiast who is stuck in the ’90s ready to move into the future.

MapsWe Can CreateMute
Any frequenter of our top ten knows that most new Mute releases get our full backing, and Maps is no exception. James Chapman knows the way we like our space rock–atmospheric and consumed with swelling guitars. The folks in Spacemen 3 will surely have to get back together after they hear this bad boy.

American CatastropheExcerpts From the Broken Bone ChoirOxblood
While we don’t usually cover gothic Americana we’re making an exception for American Catastrophe. Part Sol Invictus, part 16 Horsepower, this Kansas City quartet has mastered dark-folk songwriting–plus the album comes sealed with red wax and a black feather. Spooky.

Turzi’s new record is so fresh, it’s hella fresh. Like Alan Vega jamming with Motorhead, Turzi spits freak-prog fire. With Lots of whispered vocals, trippy synth stabs, and driving drums, A will make a damn fine soundtrack for a homicidal maniac’s rampage, or some dude on the way to rage central.

MaseratiInventions For the New SeasonTemporary Residence
It’s been four years since Maserati’s released anything, and we couldn’t be more pumped on its new instrumental crop. If Sonic Youth were making an amazingly-produced Kraut-rock album, they’d turn to this quartet for advice. Listen to this loud and get blown to bits.

Dog DayNight GroupTomlab
Tomlab puts out some pretty weird releases (Hey willpower, Khan), but Dog Day makes pop the way its meant to be made–driving, straightforward, and memorable. Fans of any contemporary Sub Pop band will shit themselves. This, we promise.