Earthless Rhythms From A Cosmic SkyTee Pee
The title says it all. This shit is cosmic; it’s actually intergalactic meditation–heavy, heavy intergalactic meditation. Featuring members from Hot Snakes and Clikatat Ikatowi, this trio is the best thing to happen to psych since Roky Erickson.

Datarock Datarock Datarock Nettwerk Music Group
The future of indie-dance has arrived. Its name is Datarock. Like Bloc Party trying to create Devo songs for the Boogie Nights Soundtrack, these Norsemen handle business. Minimal guitar progressions, simple drumbeats, and poppy, no-wave vocals are the recipe for Datarock’s disaster.

The AlchemistRapper’s Best FriendAlc
The Alchemist is one of the raddest producers in hip-hop. Rappers Best Friend is a handful of unreleased instrumentals made for the likes of Mobb Deep, Jadakiss, and Tony Yayo. After hearing this dude’s work with D12 on Eminem’s Re-Up mixtape, Timbaland better look out.

Ulrich SchnaussGoodbye Domino
The words psychedelic, shoegaze, and ambient are misapplied to bands and producers all the time, but Ulrich Schnauss is the epitome of the aforementioned terms. Goodbye is easily this German mastermind’s most lush, guitar-heavy work. Domino, you are killer for putting this out.

Child Abuse S/T Lovepump United
We can’t speak for the rest of San Francisco (or the world for that matter), but we’re a little sick of the Casio-spazz-core stuff that’s been bloating basements and small venues everywhere since the mid-’90s. Child Abuse is the exception. Somewhere between Mike Patton and Napalm Death, this experimental-trio is the spazz scene’s strongest link in the chain.

Throbbing GristlePart TwoMute
How long has this record been in the making? We recall sweating Leslie at Mute for days, trying to get a glimpse of this gem. More straightforward than TG’s past catalog, Part Two is more creepy-ass experimental (but dancey at times) heat. Times are good.

EfdeminS/T Dial
Phillip Sollmann’s debut under the Efdemin moniker is a huge ball of repetition–in an awesome way. This German likes his techno minimal and his house deep. And we like him. This is stellar, trance-inducing dance music.

Motor UnhumanMute
Rarely do two albums from the same label make the top ten, but Mute is wrecking shop this week. Motor’s Unhuman sounds like Nitzer Ebb kicking Laibach’s ass at the sweatiest techno party ever. Plus they have a song called “Drug Punk.”

Miracle Fortress Five RosesSecret City
Montreal’s Graham Van Pelt knows the pop craft. Fusing together the feedback dissonance of My Bloody Valentine and the lo-fi vintage melodies of The Beach Boys, MF will satiate the hunger of any Arcade Fire aficionado.

KK NullFertileTouch
It seems as though Japan’s noise-monger KK Null puts out a new record every other week. Over the past few months, we’ve seen collaborations with Daniel Menche, Z’ev, and Keiji Haino–but none have been more realized than Fertile. The Zeni Geva founder has reached new electronic heights with his melding of soft field recordings and harsh fuzz. It’s arty, annoying, and above all, noisy!

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