VariousThe World Is GoneXL
When dubstep and avant-pop collide, you get nothing but Various (yup, that’s the band’s name), XL Recordings’ newest addition to their already impressive roster. A two-piece whose deep, mystical sound parades through subtle chamber effects and reverberated vocals so intensely that you can practically imagine a harem of chicks with snakes offering something to the gods of killer jams.

VariousA Life Less Lived: The Gothic BoxRhino
It’s about time that someone released 53 of the most important goth tracks (from various artists, not the band Various above), which have inspired legions of eyeliner-clad ladies and gents to dance around with limbs flailing from all angles. Featuring hits from the likes of Echo & The Bunnymen, Christian Death, and Cranes, this goth monolith of a compilation has got us feeling bummed in the best of ways.

Tod DockstaderAerial #3Sub Rosa
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