Laurent GarnierRetrospectiveF Communications
After founding progressive electronic label F Communications some 12 years ago, French producer Laurent Garnier has finally released the definitive collection of his most prized works. From his stellar Carl Craig “Demented” remix to his own 4/4 hits, this two-disc set represents a great chunk of techno history.

Philip Samartizis & Lawrence EnglishOne Plus OneRoom 40
What’s up with Room 40 taking the world by storm? Amongst amazing recent releases by Keith Fullerton Whitman, Greg Davis, and Lloyd Barrett, this collaboration between musique concrete icons Lawrence English and Philip Samartizis finds both shape-shifters taking a more distorted approach to their splotchy and subtle craft.

Matthew Africa & DJ ElevenDirty Raps: The Best of Too $hortThe Rub
We’re not sure about how others feel about 40 of Too $hort’s most legit songs ever, but we’re stoked. Matthew Africa and DJ Eleven offer up a solid mix celebrating the game of pimpin’ and the glory of Oakland in ways that can’t be fucked with.

TK WebbPhantom ParadeThe Social Registry