VariousPeanut Butter Wolf Presents Stones Throw 10 YearsStones Throw
If we didn’t include this 10-year landmark in our very own top 10, we’d be tripping. Stones Throw founder Peanut Butter Wolf has taken the liberty of documenting the label’s incredible catalog with an outstanding mix of indie favorites from Jaylib to Aloe Blacc to Koushik. Listening to these 25 eclectic hip-hop hits, you can only imagine how many rad songs will be on Stones Throw at their 20-year mark. Buy

Rob CrowLiving HellTemporary Residence
It doesn’t matter how many projects this guy takes on, because when it comes down to it, our boy Rob Crow always writes amazing songs. Taking it back to his roots, the Pinback frontman’s solo record gleams with his patented Elliot Smith-esque vocals and guitar arpeggios from indie rock’s glory days. The spirit of the late ’90s has returned in style.

VariousLet’s Lasertag SometimeTigerbeat6
If any label can musically bring to life the act of playing lasertag, it’s Tigerbeat6. The gnarliest electro, punk, and danceable experimentation lies within this comp’s aluminum seal. If names like Kid606, Indian Jewelry, and Clipd Beaks don’t conjure the sporadic chaos of lasertag, what does?

Kerrier DistrictKerrier District 2Rephlex
No matter what Luke Vibert is up to, you know it’s going to be big. On his second release as Kerrier District, the veteran producer molds his house-heavy synth leads in ways that will embed themselves in your head for days. Can future disco get any better? Uh, no. Buy

It’s rather unfortunate that this will be the last offering from this Bavarian duo. Over the past few years, the boys have transformed tracks from Spacek, Bjork, and Wu-Tang Clan into tech-hip-hop remixes from the future. Appendix showcases the scattery, glitch-happy mastery for which the duo has become known.

The Besnard LakesThe Besnard Lakes are the Dark HorseJagjaguwar
The Besnard Lakes may be one very slow-moving, orchestral machine, but damn are they good. While the band could easily draw comparisons to The Black Heart Procession or any number of FatCat acts, the epic nature of these post-pop giants is worthy of extreme praise.

LCD SoundsystemSound of SilverCapitol
It has arrived, kiddies. The new LCD Soundsystem is smoking and James Murphy has earned himself a new set of disco wings. This time around, the DFA machinist has doubled up on cowbell, live drums, and some killer vocals that revisit Bowie’s best days. Without a doubt, Sound of Silver is going to be one of the most prized dance records of 2007.

Secret MommyPlaysAche
Andy Dixon is no newcomer to the electro-noise game. Not only has homeboy put out a series of theme-oriented field recordings (albums comprised of the sound of pulling teeth, public recreational areas, tropical sounds), but now he’s created a full-length without electrified instruments. Plays is a choppy, cut-and-paste long-player that pays no dues to amps or drum machines–it’s one man on a lush, ambitious attempt to escape.

Radical FashionOdoriHefty
What’s up with Japanese composers having these insane musique concrète visions that make their albums so profoundly engaging? Well, if you listen to the way Hirohito Ihara implements his sadistic talent as a pianist and chop-up percussionist, you’ll see what we mean. This is ambient beauty at its finest.

Minus the BearInterpretations del OsoSuicide Squeeze
While Minus the Bear has already achieved supreme ranking in the math-pop realm, this long-awaited remix album only heightens the group’s regal status. Between Fog’s evil black-metal take on “Memphis & 53rd” and Plan B’s densely dubbed-out industrial version of “The Fix,” you can expect even more technical and challenging material from these Seattle gents.

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