Plan BWho Needs Actions When You Got WordsCordless
You may have heard his grim tale “Sick 2 Def” on Vice’s Run the Road Vol. 2 last year, but this U.K. lyricist’s full-length pushes harshness to new levels. Setting tight rhymes over lots of acoustic guitar strumming, Plan B owns the gamut of rugged tales of street life and gnarly livin’.

Eats TapesDes MutantesTigerbeat6
San Francisco’s Eats Tapes is in no way just another 8-bit, hyper-acid-techno outfit. On their second full-length, the duo creates intense tracks that use of tons of devices, from MIDI-enabled, crumpled up Nintendos to cassette players, to modified drum machines–which basically means this is some crazy stuff. Des Mutantes is not for the epileptic.

Snowgoons German LugersBabygrande
With a name like Snowgoons, it’s hard to tell what you’re getting into. In this case, it’s German producer Det and DJ Illegal creating some ’90s hip-hop beats reminiscent of numerous legendary Queensbridge hits. German Lugers is packed to the brim with guest MCs, from Sean price to Living Legends to Wordsworth, so you know this hits.

KhanWho Never RestsTomlab
For the first time, a producer is bold enough to conceive an electronic blues record. Berlin’s Khan creates lush, soulful tracks that rekindle the quiet moments of Prince and the ass-shaking bombast of D.C. legends The Make-Up. Solid, man.

VariousÂme…MixingSonar Kollektiv
It could be the groove of Coldcut’s “Walk A Mile In My Shoes,” or it could be Carl Craig’s remix of Johnny L’s “This Time”; either way, Âme‘s thumping, subtle, nu-jazz mix is awesome. Aside from the aforementioned bangers, tracks from Ashra, Lucien-N-Luciano, and Nexus make this a another hot offering from Sonar Kollektiv.

Lawrence EnglishFor Varying Degrees of WinterBaskaru
Lawrence English has a vision, folks. The man behind Australia’s Room40 sound-art label creates a slow-moving, sonic stratosphere that fans of The Hafler Trio, Tod Dockstader, and Tim Hecker will worship.

Ral Partha VogelbacherShrill FalconsMonotreme
Shrill Falcons is an outstanding drone-meets-acoustic record from these San Francisco tripsters. Aided by the always crafty Odd Nosdam, Ral Partha Vogelbacher shifts from the emotive ambiance of Joan of Arc to the sludge of Sleep with natural ease. This is rad.

Peter Bjorn and JohnWriters BlockAlmost Gold
Is it ’60s pop or weirded-out indie rock? We’re not sure, but this shit is pure gold. These Swedish fellows somehow incorporate bongos, shakers, and crazy guitar strumming for a percussion powerhouse that slays.

Aughra & Mosh PatrolIs There Anyone Else OutsideMagic Bullet
Somewhere between the space of Eno and the density of Mogwai exists a place where Aughra & Mosh Patrol call home. Forged from the ashes of post-punk outfit Forensics and This Will Destroy You, the duo has taken extreme strides from their prior projects and taken a pure, trance-inducing path.

LifesavasGutterfly: The Original SoundtrackQuannum
Portland’s Lifesavas have returned with Gutterfly, a record so tight that it indicates there still may be hope for indie hip-hop. Featuring contributions from Dead Prez, Camp Lo, and Smif ‘N’ Wesson, this may be one of the best hip-hop records of 2007.