Servants of the Apocalyptic Goat Rave S/T Sublight
If you’re not familiar with Bong-Ra and Sickboy, imagine two robots digging up the corpses of jungle’s past and hosting some type of gnarly satanic mass/rave. Think we’re kidding? Just listen to the track “Glowstyx for the Dead Children” and you’ll see what we mean.

Denzel & Huhn ParaportCity Centre Offices
On their third record for City Centre Offices, Bertram Denzel and Erik Huhn have crafted their best display of minimalism yet. Between the droning, spacious pulses, vinyl scratches, and humble keys, these shape-shifters are moving toward the supernatural in all the right ways.

Speaking of minimal, John Dahlback’s Hug moniker is the definition of dream-sheathed minimal techno. Unlike some of his other more banging work, this time Dahlback exposes his sensitive side with synth-pad flurries from the depths of winter.

The ZincsBlack PompadourThrill Jockey
Outside of the post-indie rock equation sits a band called The Zincs. Without any sense of pretense, these Chicago fellows are the definition of Americana-infused introspective pop that’s truly impacting. It never hurts to have a few songs featuring the mystical Edith Frost backing you up with her stunning voice either.

Marcus FjellstromGebrauchsmusikLampse
When it comes to cinematic scores that send shivers down spines, we suggest turning to none other than Marcus Fjellstrom. Every track here is a thematic ode to the abstract (death, war, dance), from a dude who has more ambition than most post-musique concréte composers.

Greg AshleyPainted GardenBirdman
Unlike the dance-psyche of his now blown-up band Gris Gris, Greg Ashley’s venture into solo status is that of a refined songwriter with his sights set on the melody of ‘60s pop. Greg’s charming lo-fi blues has got us a little zoned out. If you dig the Drag City sound, Painted Garden is your oyster.

O. LammMonolithAudio Dregs
If the Ed Banger roster decided to mellow out a little and mess with some off-kilter, arty-pop melodies, O. Lamm would be the newest member of the team. With guest spots from Lullatone’s Yoshimii Tomida and Midori Hirano, this Parisian is only adding to the incredibly fresh sounds coming from France.

The Dark RomanticsSome Midnight Kissn’Lujo
While some contemporary goth or post-punk bands get a little too crazy with the haze of effects and chaotic live performances, there are always a few bands like The Dark Romantics to bring us down to earth. In homage to The Jesus and Mary Chain, Some Midnight Kissn’ has an authentic gloomy effect without all of the bells and whistles.

JoakimMonsters & Silly Songs!k7
Move over WhoMadeWho and LCD Soundsystem, because Paris’ Joakim is in the running for post-dance-punk producer of the decade. If it’s not the driving accessibility of the guitar and bass that capture your heart, it’ll be the spacious and (at times) creepy ambiance present in the noisier side of this eclectic, yet consistent record.

ADULT.Why Bother?Thrill Jockey
ADULT. has always straddled the fence of punk-tinged electro. But on Why Bother? the duo has entered the realm of full-on punk catharsis–with the exception of their use of drum programming and gnarly synths. When the urge to rave and mosh is upon you, turn to none other than Detroit’s darkest pair.