PapercutsCan’t Go BackGnomonsong
San Francisco has a range of talent from all spectra of the indie realm, but Jason Robert Quever’s Papercuts moniker is in a league of its own. Can’t Go Back rifles through ’60s-style pop melodies and sustained, shoegazing guitars that are undeniably the shit.

VariousGo Commando with JDH and Dave PDefend Music
JDH and Dave P are the toast of the New York City underground. Having established the party “Fixed” at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, their installment of the Go Commando series finds the duo mixing a fine concoction of contemporary electro bangers with acts from In Flagranti to 120 Days to The Knife. These are finely tuned party jams.

Gus GusForeverPineapple
Having released albums with 4AD and Underwater, the long-standing electronic-orchestra known as GusGus has set out to win us over again with a house-heavy long-player and anthems aplenty. Mission accomplished.

CocoRosieThe Adventures of Ghosthorse & StillbornTouch and Go
While The Adventures of Ghosthorse & Stillborn is sporadic as all hell, these girls pull off their patent blend of art rock with aplomb. Always pushing boundaries, CocoRosie is officially a staple in progress.

The Black Dog The Book of DogmaSoma
When it comes to UK techno and IDM, The Black Dog is unrivaled in its importance. These veterans took the dancefloor by storm long ago, and this two-disc, remastered collection of hits and rarities is a lesson in archetypal dance music.

Tracy ThornOut of the WoodsVirgin
Without any need for introduction, Everything But The Girl’s Tracy Thorn dominates our eardrums yet again. Out of the Woods finds the Grammy-nominated vocalist paired with long-time producer Ewan Pearson and a series of diverse guests for an intense electro-pop record for the ages.

PriestbirdIn Your TimeKemado
What would we do without bands like Priestbird? Formerly known as Tarantula AD, this reformed New York trio takes the trippiest moments from the late Syd Barret and infuses them with a savory blend of prog-angst that will bring music nerds from all facets flocking. If it’s not the heaviness, it’s the space that’ll get you every time.

Various Ed Rec Vol. 1Vice
It almost goes without saying that Ed Banger Records has one of the strongest rosters around. And Ed Rec Vol. 1 is the perfect introduction to the French sound that has brought clubgoers worldwide to their knees. Give this record to your little brother and watch his eyes light up.

Thee More ShallowsBook of Bad BreaksAnticon.
Like The Arcade Fire with a shitload of feedback, Thee More Shallows have mapped a new indie genome. While not necessarily something you’d expect from Anticon., Book of Bad Breaks ventures beyond rock and mellow electro to form an innovative, heartfelt blend of pop vocals and unpredictable atmospherics.

Keith Hudson & The Soul SyndicateNuh Skin UpPressure Sounds
Although his life ended roughly 20 years ago, Keith Hudson’s dark dub lives on and Nuh Skin Up is the best proof we’ve got. This moody, bass-heavy record is a testament to the impact this Kingston-born icon has had on all facets of dub and reggae for decades.