WispHonor Beats Sublight

If you keep up with our weekly top ten, you’ll notice that Sublight artists have been having their way with us – and Wisp is no exception. Honor Beats is, dare we say it, the perfect semblance of medieval breakcore (complete with bagpipes, heavy synths, and some wholly dark ambiance). This dude has done himself, and probably J.R.R. Tolkien, quite proud.

EnsembleEnsembleFat Cat

Nothing is more cathartic than hearing Cat Power’s Chan Marshall pouring her soul out, over Oliver Alary’s moody single, ‘Disown Delete.’ As Ensemble, Alary has crossed the atmospheric folk threshold with some bittersweet love songs that will stick to your heart stronger than a lifetime of fast food. This debut may be the start of something really, really big.

Kashmere Stage BandTexas Thunder Soul 1968-1974Stones Throw

Funk doesn’t come easy…unless you were in the Kashmere Stage Band somewhere during their 12-year reign. For those of you who aren’t extreme vinyl collectors or funk archivists, KSB was a high school band with a slew of changing members, that knew the meaning of wholesome jams. This two-disc collection contains re-mastered and unreleased tracks, and live performances that showcase this hidden gem from a bygone era.

Test IciclesThe Dig Your Own GraveEP Domino

I remember a time when Bloc Party remixes dominated clubs form coast to coast. Well, if recent history’s taught us anything, Test Icicles’ remix EP just might follow suit. Featuring rerubs from James Ford, Armani XXXchange, and Statik, you’ll find yourself shaking your ass involuntarily.

Danava ‘Quiet Babies Astray in a Manger’ Kemado

By no means a typical XLR8R record, Danava’s one-sided 12″ debut shreds so much we had to include it in our top ten. ‘Quiet Babies Astray in a Manger’ is the quintessential prog-rock banger of 2006. With over 12 minutes of guitar-laden fury and analog space, we├»’ve taken the trip and it’s awesome.

SasseMade Within the Upper Stairs of HeavenM