CelebrationThe Modern Tribe4AD
Celebration’s sophomore album still contains the post-punk presence of all three members respective pasts (Lovelife, Jaks), but this time around the band has brought along the melody. Vocalist Katrina Ford has moved past androgynous bellowing into high-range territory, and multi-instrumentalist Sean Antanaitis makes the organ sound like a guitar and vice versa. This Baltimore-based trio is on the path to spiritual domination.

AceyaloneLightning StrikesDecon
Aceyalone’s career has traversed the indie hip-hop landscape through and through, and the veteran is really switching it up. The first in a series of genre-hopping records, Lightning Strikes is the rapper’s ode to dancehall. Featuring L.A.-based producer Bionik and a guest spot from Jurassic 5’s Chali 2na, Lightning Strikes may be Aceyalone’s best release since A Book of Human language.

Alex Bartsch “Galaxy” Kompakt
Taken from the Speicher 3 compilation, “Galaxy” is officially the soundtrack to a cosmic serial killer’s revenge on the universe. The bassline is ferociously heavy, the synths are dubby, and the minimal percussion will have any nervous wallflower on his/her feet. Welcome to the harsher side of Kompakt.

VariousComputer Incarnations for World PeaceSonar Kollektiv
Jazzanova has put together yet another comp, but Incarnations isn’t the same lounge-drenched downtempo we’ve come to expect from the Berlin-based collective. Picking rarities from Sylvester, Ray Barretto, and Codek, the ‘Nova has finally collected cosmic bliss that’s far from the chill-zone (which if you’re no longer living in the mid-90s, is a very good thing).

DalekDeadverse Massive Vol. 1: Dalek Rarities 1999-2006Hydra Head
This collection of rarities from dirty Jersey’s hip-hop renovators reaches the pinnacle of weirdness. From noisy vinyl scratching to doomy drones to psych-guitar samples, Deadverse Massive makes metalheads writhe with hip-hop appreciation and hip-hop heads reach for their stashed Slayer tapes.

TarentelGhetto Beats on the Surface of the SunTemporary Residence
Temporary Residence has done us right with the quadruple gatefold, double-CD powerhouse that is Ghetto Beats on the Surface of the Sun. Featuring over two hours of This Heat-esque Kraut-noise, this once limited, vinyl-only gem is the answer to any noise-tastemaker’s wild fantasy.

SixtooJackals and Vipers in Envy of ManNinja Tune
Our man Sixtoo has taken hip-hop instrumentals to another plane of existence with Jackals. Featuring a sea of different soulful samples and heavily reverberated drums, Sixtoo’s newest is as mind melting as the deepest dubstep, but as hard as any hip-hop enterprise. 

Songs of Green Pheasant Gyllyng StreetFat Cat
The cover consists of blue-tinged shoreline images, which would normally be a complete and total turn-off. Instead, Duncan Sumpner’s lush textures, well-placed single note riffs, and copious amounts of reverb, do more than just frame his voice. The tracks inside of this sleeve will make even the most jaded feel emotional resonance. Think Slowdive and Red House Painters.

Holy Hail Pointed Rifles to the SkyDemo
Holy Hail has definitely put in work with The Gossip and ESG. The band’s Pointed Rifles to the Sky demo beams with the fattest disco basslines, cute female vocals, and dance-rock fury. New York has just been infiltrated with disco punk’s second coming.

Baby ControlBest WarAche
Baby Control produces a sinister brand of punk that rekindles The Screamers and Le Shok, plus the best moments of Bikini Kill. 11 songs are spit out in just over 22 minutes, and the vocals were recorded through a blown-out PA system. If this is the new sound of Vancouver, give Canada a big fist in the air.