Otto Von SchirachMaxipad DetentionIpecac
Sent as a 38-track CDR directly to Ipecac’s mastermind Mike Patton by Otto himself, Maxipad Detention is Patton’s edited mix of the noisy, breakcore-fueled IDM that Von Schirach has become infamous for. While not necessarily our favorite choice for a hung-over Monday morning, this eclectic, bass-oriented banger definitely has its place in the XLR8R library. Let it be said that there’s no surprise that this guy scared the crap out of Skinny Puppy fans everywhere with his demonic, grinding jams.

Marsen JulesLes FleursCity Centre Offices
What’s up, Germany? Straight from the school of Harold Budd, Eno, and Co. comes this generation’s next ambient pioneer. Les Fleurs chimes, hisses, and rings in the type of moodiness that quenches every nerve of the ear. As a follow-up to his 2005 debut Herbstlaub, Jules meshes some profoundly orchestral layering with just the right amount of space to keep you from nodding off in ambient-laden hypnosis.

VariousD-Block:CD/DVD MixtapeKoch
D-Block is the kind of Brooklyn hip-hop that makes us want to get into fist fights. Formed by Sheek Louch, Jadakiss, and Styles-P, the D-Block label has mastered the art of witty and angry street music. On this audio/visual mixtape, the D-Block boys showcase some new songs complete with numerous gunshot samples, over two hours of live footage, a documentary, and some authentic behind-the-scenes footage shots. Be prepared for war.

FrequencyFrequencyThrill Jockey
Thrill Jockey has really showcased some innovative, legendary acts over the past few months and you can add Frequency to that growing list. Comprised of Chicago underground Jazz veterans Harrison Bankhead, Nicole Mitchell, Avreeayl Ra, and Edward Wilkerson, Frequency’s seasoned collaborative effort brings to life the improvisational spirit of the bop era. Dark, technical, and chaotic, this is the weirdo’s guide to traditionally discordinant jazz.

North Valley Subconscious OrchestraThe Right Kind of NothingGhostly International
NVSO is Medicine’s Brad Laner and San Francisco’s Christopher Willits chugging through electronic drone the way it should be done. Slated as Ghostly’s first digital-only full-length, The Right Kind of Nothing is much more detonative than either collaborator’s solo work, showcasing layer upon layer of distorted melancholia. It would be to our great surprise if the editorial world doesn’t go fucking nuts over this well-produced glimpse into the sonic future.

Bellmer DollsThe Big Cats Will Throw Themselves OverHungry Eye
You can affix the label post-punk, goth, or noise to this trio, but the fact is that these passionate mystics make artful jams with more soul than your average gloomy outfit. Featuring members of Love Life, Universal Order of Armageddon, et al., The Big Cats Will Throw Themselves Over is the aural equivalent of a weeklong bender in the most seedy, sensual nightclub this side of Babylon.

Taken from recordings made between 1999 and 2002, Sweden’s Audionom has certainly beaten a majority of contemporary psych-rockers to the punch with their Hawkwindian electro compositions. Fueled with the dancey rigor of Joy Division and with the technical touches of Neu!, Retrospektiv is easily one of the most energetic records we’ve had grace our desks in a while. Give this long-player a couple of months and DJs from coast to coast will have their sets dominated by these consistent retro-bangers.

VariousFabric 29: TiefschwarzFabric
Tiefschwarz has a history of getting kids off of their asses, contorting their legendary DJ sets in all sorts of directions. On their 70-minute-plus set for Fabric, the brothers mix together some experimental techno that slowly soaks into your skull, eventually bringing you to life with their own patented blend of electronic mayhem. For fans of Depeche Mode and Thomas Schumaker alike.