Various The Bang Gang Deejays Present Light SoundDanceModular
It’s about time Sydney’s Bang Gang Deejays (not to be confused with the Icelandic band of the same name) had a proper international release. This two-disc mix shreds through a laundry list (70 tracks!) of dance-punk and electro-house from just about every hyped artist of the last two years (which is actually a good thing).

Magik MarkersBossEcstatic Peace
Mixing bluesy distortion, skeletal folk ballads, and noisy, punk experimentation, this duo’s second LP is a serious affair. That’s not to say it isn’t a fun listen; Boss’ dark sincerity is exhilarating.

Telephone Jim JesusAnywhere Out of the EverythingAnticon.
Anticon. has been dropping some inspiring LPs recently. Odd Nosdam’s latest sounded like the best nightmare we’ve ever had, and this new release from TJJ is slowly creeping up to the same status. Anyone can chop up some samples, but not everyone can do it like this.

Gang Gang DanceRAWWARThe Social Registry
Gang Gang Dance tends to divide us here at XLR8R (experimental genius or navel-gazing trash?). Either way, some of us were pretty stoked to get an advance copy of this three-track EP, and the release doesn’t disappoint. It’s droney, it’s tribal, it’s even a bit scary. We just wish it were longer than 20 minutes.

VariousSitar Beat Vol. 1–Indian Style Heavy FunkGuerrilla
Sometimes you get so sick of listening to crap indie-rock promos and sloppy electro-house DJ mixes you need some really leftfield jams to get you through the day. This week, salvation arrived looking like James Brown in a sari. Every idea we had of funk has been completely obliterated.

PicastroWhore LuckPolyvinyl
Picastro is one of the few remaining Polyvinyl outfits with enough balls to produce bummer music (not emo, just really melancholic). The band’s sophomore album, Whore Luck, will give some bipolar goth kids a brush of comfort and Of Montreal fans something to frown about.

EnonGrass Geysers…Carbon Clouds Touch and Go
Enon is taking another turn down psych-rock lane. After listening to Grass Geysers, however, it seems like Enon may be the Queens of the Stone Age super fan club. It’s strange that one trio can make so much noise while still holding an entirely pop-friendly torch.

VariousCocoon Compilation GCocoon
Cocoon’s seventh comp in its alphabetical series contains the deepest, darkest techno the label has ever touched. With Stephan Bodzin, Audion, and Phil Kieran panning their way through dance music’s heathen winter, black metal may have to step up its game.

Health S/T Lovepump United
Health is the new face of electro-punk. The band has already released a split 7” with Crystal Castles, has a gang of remixes on the way (Drop the Lime, Pink Skull, etc.), and its debut full-length is totally righteous. Like all the GSL-associated bands of the’90s, Health pulls together spastic, jangling guitars, bleepy synths, and just enough experimental wanking to creep out your parents.

Giovanni MarksBlack Adam B.E.A.R./Hip-Hop Core
L.A. underground mogul and B.E.A.R. records’ captain-crunch himself, Giovanni Marks (a.k.a. Subtitle), has done it again–this time in the form of Black Adam. This 20-track collection of unconventional rap bangers is a mixtape, yet plays like a developed album. Oh yes, and it is available for free download at