Sally Shapiro Disco Romance Klein
Disco hasn’t been this poppy since Cerrone crushed clubs with hits like “Supernature” and “Hysteria.” Swedish representative Sally Shapiro, alongside producer Johan Agebjorn, offers italo-electro-pop, rekindling the spirit of Sylvester and the almighty New Order. Reverberated drums + chunky synths x effortless vocals = mega-club jams galore.

Tim MaiaWorld Psychedelic Classics 4: Nobody Can Live Forever: the Existential Soul of Tim MaiaLuaka Bop
Brazilian psyche-master Tim Maia is a fucking warrior. This dude tried to make it in the US music biz during the early ‘70s, but was deported for drug trafficking. Shortly after, he joined a cult that believed humans descended from aliens who would eventually save the purified believers. Oh, and he recorded this collection of soulful tracks that make our hearts flutter.

September Collective All the Birds Were AnarchistsMosz
September Collective is Stefan Schneider (Mapstation), Barabara Morgenstern, and Polish born Paul Wirkus. Collectively (no pun intended) they produce ambient downtempo, taking brushed percussion and piano scores to new heights. Like Mogwai for adult contemporary radio, All the Birds Were Anarchists soothes and disturbs.

Various Compost Black Label Series Vol. 2Compost
Put simply, Compost’s Black Label series is the best shit they put out. Don’t get us wrong. Ben Mono is killer, and every once in a while a jazz or soul track is critical, but this is disco/tech-house bliss. Featuring tracks from Zwicker, Move D, and DJ Enne, this dance-heavy mix cooks.

Artanker Convoy Cozy Endings The Social Registry
Artanker Convoy has come out of its improv-shell on its second record for The Social Registry label. With the band’s minimal percussion and dark synth leads paving the way, indie-jazz will never be the same. Does indie-jazz even exist? Looks like it.

Allesandro SteffanaPoste E Telegraffi Important
Italian guitarist Allessandro Steffana makes ambient kraut rock with extreme precision. Not unlike the atmospherics of Eno and Robin Guthrie’s resonating guitarlines, Steffana’s compositions flow through space with like an astronaut on Xanax. Film music lovers, prepare to be swept off you feet.

Fisk Industries EPs and Rarities Mush
Boards of Canada should probably seek cover, because Fisk Industries is ready for war. Sound designer Mat Ronson makes glitchy, atmospheric beatscapes that induce paranoia and head nodding (usually a byproduct of banging hip-hop tracks). This collection includes a few obscure vinyl-only releases and two full-length albums from back in the day. We couldn’t think of a better intro into this British composer’s world.

Dev/NullLazer Thrash Cock Rock Disco
In typical Cock Rock Disco fashion, Dev/Null is the culmination of pent up aggression and rave fever. While there’s 12 times more beats than a grindcore band could ever pump out, Lazer Thrash is doomy hip-hop/metal-breakcore for psychopaths and club kids. In other words, it’s r-a-d.

Skeletons and the King of All Cities LucasGhostly
Pop keeps getting more and more fucked up, but SATKOAC are hard to compete against. Lucas is an ambitious concept album revolving around a beauty obsessed king and hair (don’t ask). Don’t let the obscurity fool you. Skeletons and the Kings of All Cities is a novel project with as much pop accessibility as any other weird-pop oddity.

Heiroglyphics Over Time Heiro Imporium
Oakland is a beautiful place–mostly because of Hieroglyphics. This collection of B-sides, remixes, and unreleased tracks is a reminder that Oaktown’s indie heros Del, Casual, Domino, Pep Love, and Souls of Mischief still own shit. Seriously.

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