Young Galaxy S/T Arts & Crafts
Young Galaxy is a Canadian force to be reckoned with. Like their retro-pop peers The Warlocks and El Perro Del Mar, Stephen Ramsay and Catherine McCandless create lo-fi ethereal tracks that have us psyched.

VariousTelefon Tel Aviv: Remixes CompiledHefty
New Orleans’ Telefon Tel Aviv has given us seven years’ worth of production on this eclectic palate of remixes. This collection of melodic, glitch-heavy reworks include tracks ranging from Nine Inch Nails to Apparat to American Analog Set. Like the saddest sci-fi movie ever, Remixes Compiled will rain all over you.

Novak/Drouin AuditoriumDragon’s Eye
Auditorium is an ambitious look into the realm of drone. Jamie Drouin and Yann Novak are two sound artists hell-bent on exploring space through this epic 48-minute track of reverb-heavy, fuzzed-out sonic destruction.

Venetian SnaresPink + GreenSublight
Aaron Funk is back with another EP of ravey, blast-beat, breakcore blasphemy. We’re not entirely sure, but this hardcore veteran may have just released his most brutal endeavor yet. With a track entitled “Sporto Fucking Sellout Cocksuckerface,” you know that homeboy is on one.

VariousFabriclive.33: Spank RockFabric
B-more club revivalists Spank Rock show that they know a thing or two about electro music on their uber-mash-up mix for Fabric. Featuring chopped-up and reworked hits from acts like Yello, Rick Ross, Yes, and Daft Punk, the newest installment of Fabriclive is hotter than ever.

The Chinese StarsListen to Your Left BrainThree.One.
Forged from the ashes of epileptic rockers Arab on Radar, The Chinese Stars may be one the dirtiest dance-punk bands around. Complete with a slew of drug references and the grittiest synth sounds around, Listen to Your Left Brain is destined to be the soundtrack to very, very late nights.

Gudrun GutI Put A Record OnMonika
While I Put A Record On is Gudrun Gut’s first long-player, it is in no way an amateur effort. The label-head of Monika Enterprise and Einstürzende Neubauten collaborator creates mid-tempo minimal techno with evocative vocals and instrumental experimentation that’s beyond distinctive. For a lesson in writing a unique record, look no further than Ms. Gudrun Gut.

VariousEd Rec Vol.2Vice
France’s Ed Banger Records returns with their second compilation for Vice. As expected, it’s filled to the very brim with new tracks from the label’s staples like Justice, Uffie, and Busy P. But it’s So-Me’s remix of Klaxons’ “Atlantis to Interzone” that reminds us just how consistent the label has proven to be.

Brutality has many faces, and Nadja is one of them. The Canadian duo thrives on feedback, strings, guitar distortion, and electronic drumming, which makes for some of the most atmospheric drone this side of Godflesh. Did we mention that this is heavy? Really heavy.

StrategyFuture RockKranky
It’s been three years since Strategy’s last record, Drumsolo’s Delight, and the wait’s been well worth it. Comprised of deep dub bass, resonating guitar swells, and catchy drums, Future Rock is the poppiest offering from one of Kranky’s most innovative artists.

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