Various The Unexpektheadz Chapter 2: A Space Conquest SoundtrackEkleroshock
Ekleroshock’s The Unexpektheadz Chapter 2: A Space Conquest Soundtrack features cosmic electro tracks from Crunc Tesla, LOD, Data, and Terry Poison. Between the thick and rugged synth lines and deep kicks, your danceparty may soon become an intergalactic battlefield.

Begraven DodsvisionerHydra Head
Sometimes, when the deadline demons swarm around the office, we like to listen to the gnarliest music (as loud as possible). Begraven is the key. Horrifying ambiance teaming up with possessed vocals and grim Swedish lyrics can make any day of stress seem like chump change when compared to the pits of hell. You know?

The TeenagersHomecomingMerok
This two-track single is sleazy, French (by way of UK) indie-pop the way we like it–tongue in cheek and kind of uncomfortable. With back-and-forth male/female vocals, lyrics that refer to an SUV as a massive vehicle, and the hard-hitting B-side, “Fuck Nicole,” these teens have stolen our hearts like a cheerleader from any number of ’80s comedies.

Various Sonic Arts Network: OthernessSonic Arts Network
Purveyors of all things leftfield, the Sonic Arts Network has released its latest installment in a series of guest-curated compilations. At the controls is composer/conceptualist David Cotner, who gathers 25 tracks of groundbreaking experimental music. Ambient, noise, acoustic, kraut-rock, found sound, and even a few big names like Brian Eno and Lee Ronaldo make this comp a striking listen.

VariousEssential DubROIR
Dub Classics=us drooling all over the place. ROIR’s Essential Dub is a collection of tracks from the label’s previously released catalog. Featuring hits from Badawi, Bad Brains, Laswell, and Twilight Circus, ED is a reason to celebrate.

Feist The Reminder Cherry Tree
Although Feist’s second LP is spread a bit thin and some of the ballads and folk tracks get slightly Lilith Fair on us, when this album bites, it bites hard. This Broken Social Scenester has a voice that’s so smoky and youthful, Lilith Fair styles become a little less grotesque. Feist is on fire.

ChromeoFancy FootworkVice
Chromeo’s follow-up to 2004’s, She’s In Control finds the Montreal-based duo at its smoothest. While Dave One’s sexual innuendos and junior high bravado might help your lady problems, P-Thugg’s heavy, synth-funk, and vocoder hooks will get you dancing like a total freak. Inspirations worn clearly on their sleeves (Prince, New Edition), Chromeo mines the sounds of the early-‘80s, unleashing 2007’s poppiest sex-beast.

DevoQ: Are We Not Me? A: We Are Devo!Warner Bros Records
Certain albums should never be slept on. Example: Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!. This 1978 triumph of slicing post-punk guitars, squealing synths, bizarre lyrics, and that pounding bass drum is the key to something inside of all of us. That something is dance-luster.

Skull DiscoSoundboy PunishmentsSkull Disco
Dubstep has officially become evil. This collective–which includes Shackleton, Appleblim, and Gatekeeper–makes the deepest, blackened dub around. With song titles like “Mystical Warrior” and “Massacre,” metallic percussion, and the deepest throbbing bass ever, Skull Disco is on this office’s “killing it” radar.

DJ MayonnaiseStill AliveAnticon.
While his bro Alias is out remixing slowcore outfits like One AM Radio and John Vanderslice, DJ Mayonnaise is holding down the original Anticon. front (circa 2000). Still Alive is atmospheric hip-hop–complete with classic breaks, obscured guitar samples, and a free-for-all guest spot by mush MC K-the-i???. For those hip-hop heads that like their jams of the Anticon. variety, Mayonnaise will not let you down.