To My BoyMessages XL
First of all, James Ford (Simian Mobile Disco) helped produce this piece of gold. Second, Messages is the best thing to happen to pop music since Tears for Fears. Possessed by the spirit of MTV circa 1989, To My Boy has manipulated the synthesizer into a tool of mass destruction. Andrew WK is tame compared to this pop action.

Cagesan I Love MachineBeaubrun
The Cagesan is a small finch from Australia and I Love Machine revolves around a group of French producers cranking out an album with Cagesan’s unique chirp standing in for vocals. These aren’t just some field recordings of bird sounds–producers like O. Lamm, David French, and Fashion Flesh actually compose atmospheric laptoppery with a bird vocalist. How is this not amazing?

VariousPrins Thomas Presents: Cosmo Galactic PrismEskimo
When people hear the name Prins Thomas, disco is probably the first thing to that comes to mind. But Cosmo Galactic Prism is beyond disco. It’s two discs of prog-psyche-dance-stoner rock from the distant past and far-out future. The collection features Hawkwind, Zombie, The Paper Dolls, Closer Music, and, of course, Lindstrøm. Get high, listen to all 36 tracks, and become empowered.

Various Kitsuné Maison 4 Kitsuné
The French really love their electro-house. Just when we thought we’d had enough, here comes another comp from Kitsuné that completely destroys our brains with new (and previously 12”-only) material from Crystal Castles, Passions, Guns N’ Bombs, and other purveyors of dance-punk-electro-rock heat.

DJ /rupture vs. Filastine Shotgun Wedding Vol. 6Violent Turd
Following the last Shotgun Wedding battle between breackcore titans Bong-Ra and Sickboy, Volume 6 gets really sadistic. DJ /rupture and newcomer Filastine exudes dub-core with a gypsy swagger. While /rupture relies on folks like Busta Rhymes and Vybz Kartel for his bass-haven, Filastine blazes Balkan horns over panned female vocal snippets.

Coltrane MotionSongs About Music datawaslost
’60s psych, shoegaze, Kraut-rock–there’s plenty of musical influences swirling around in this Chicago-based duo’s debut. Songs About Music is a pulsing romp of a long-player, with just enough meta-music intellect, drones, and guitar fuzz to keep our synapses firing and our toes tapping.

AntenaVersions Spéciales: Camino Del SolPermanent Vacation
Antena’s new remix album takes last year’s re-release of its 1982 classic, Camino Del Sol, from the sultry beaches to the 4/4 dancefloor. The remix talent speaks for itself: Joakim, Todd Terje, Escort, and Disco Devils all take a shot at Antena’s tropical-samba-disco, and with enormous success.

Glass CandyDemoItalians Do It Better
Glass Candy used to be a band that loved its Blondie and The Rolling Stones. Yet somewhere within the past few years, this Portland-based duo made an incredible switch over to swanky, soulful, lo-fi disco. Driven by maximal horn samples, dirty basslines, and Ida No’s distinctive high-pitched vocals, GC has made power moves into our hearts.

MishaTeardrop SweetheartTomlab
We can’t explain it, but Tomlab is really doing the right thing as of late. First, there was Von Spar, now Misha. While VS purveys Kraut-noise, Misha brings pop perfection. These pretty faces shamelessly unfold muffled rhythms à la Ariel Pink. Then, within a blink of an eye, acoustic guitars are humming alongside super-produced, bass-heavy breaks. Misha has something for everybody.

Betty BotoxVoodoo/Fade AwayRVNG
As one-half of Optimo, Twitch has stampeded the percussion front–and Betty Botox is Twitch’s mega-percussion moniker of destruction. If a tribal version of Sal P jammed with those gnarly guys that play thousands of buckets on the street, it still wouldn’t sound as rhythmic as this Twitch off-shoot. This is a 12” for the geeks that beg DJs to play post-punk hits.