Eyeless In GazaPlague Of YearsSub Rosa
For over 25 years, the post-punk duo Eyeless In Gaza has been making some of the most spaced-out jams this side of Mars. Their dense, This Heat-oriented, horn-squawking Kraut rock and melodic psychedelia is enough to make the Acid Mothers Temple dudes sound like pop rock.

EbolaCannibal Penis BalletSublight
If Ebola and Otto Von Schirach got together and threw a rave at an insane asylum filled with patients suffering from gastrointestinal trauma, you may have found a parallel to Cannibal Penis Ballet. Like labelmates Hecate and Nick Forté, Ebola disembowels the breakcore format with a twisted blend of vocal screeching, drilling bass, and distorted electro squiggles that come at you from every angle–while still somehow sounding danceable. Weird.

VariousRecloned: A Collection of RemixesClone
Just one listen to Adult.’s “Hard to Phone,” as remixed by Carl Craig, and you’ll be on board. Clone’s fresh new remix comp features über-hits by all-stars from Tiefschwarz to Lindstrom & Prins Thomas–an instant party staple. Sometimes you gotta cut loose and Clone has the hacksaw.

The BeyondersTime CapsuleNonfikshen
Phoenix Orion and ParanormL are The Beyonders…and Kool Keith is bummed. Having created futuristic hip-hop records for several years now (all without any sense of frivolous irony), The Beyonders have come to Earth to destroy the clichés that have made hip-hop a mainstream joke. If anyone has a chance to rescue the genre, this relentlessly underground duo does.

From the heart of Hotlanta arrives the newest offering from Kranky–and it’s a doozie. Deerhunter is this generation’s answer to Sonic Youth, making great use of minimal ambiance and discordant pop for the modern rock cynic poised to criticize. While a bit more rocking than a majority of the Kranky roster, there’s no shortage of tripped-out entropy here. Get slain.

VariousKitsuné Maison Compilation 3Kitsuné
God bless the French, man. The fine folks at Kitsuné have bestowed upon us one hell of an electro-punk album. The third compilation from the French label finds the Gossip remixed by Soulwax, Klaxons reinterpreted by Van She, and exclusive tracks from Oh No! Oh My!, The Whip, and Dead Disco. Need we say more?

Trans AmSex ChangeThrill Jockey
After two years of continental separation, the ex-D.C.-based trio is back with a staggering vengeance. Following suit with their last album, Liberation, Sex Change is a reminder that synth-rock is completely bad-ass. Written, recorded, and mixed within three weeks, this new full-length is a reminder of just how much talent these gentlemen possess.

VariousFabriclive.31: The GlimmersFabric
When it comes to timeless mixtapes, who else would you turn to other than the 25-year vets The Glimmers? On the newest Fabriclive mix, the Belgian duo mashes together club classics from Roxy Music and Freddie Mercury, while still bringing modern heat with hits from LCD Soundsystem and The Holy Ghost. From reggae to rock to electro and everything in between, The Glimmers are the definition of electro passion.

Michael RoseWarriorM Records
The great Michael Rose has one of the most captivating voices in reggae history. A one-time lead singer of (now reunited) Black Uhuru, Rose has taken the traditional approach to songwriting, ensuring that roots reggae isn’t going anywhere. Sip from the chalice and get into it.

VariousPop Ambient 2007Kompakt
Kompakt’s Pop Ambient series is without a doubt one of the best comps every year. Featuring moody veterans like Thomas Fehlmann, Marsen Jules, and Klimek, 2007 may take the prize for most hypnotic album of the year.