WonderWelcome To WonderlandDump Valve
Wonder is one hell of a grime enterprise. The mayor of Wonderland crushes the competition with his use of chopped-up vocal samples, noodley synth threads, and the treasured distorted bass that’s shaken the English underground.

VariousMusick to Play In the Club Shitkatapult
The latest offering from T. Raumschmiere’s Shitkatapult imprint is a muddy assault into midnight electro. This particular comp highlights the first 11 releases of the label’s 12” series, and it takes no prisoners. With artists like Drugbeat, Motor, and DJ Flush having their way with you, ears will definitely bleed.

CitiesVariationsYep Roc
Cities is one of those bands that has transposed their penchant for punk, indie rock, and avant-garde electronic music into an accessible sound unlike any of their contemporaries. On Variations, the boys bring the noise with the darkest of remixes from the likes of Ladytron, Fog, and Isan. This is a remix album for the books.

KaitoHundred Million Love YearsKompakt
If any label’s breed of pop-oriented ambient soundscapes takes the cake, it is Kompakt. As expected, Kaito’s newest offspring contains the chirping bliss of other Kompakt releases, but with a charming layer scheme that has us ready to spend the night in with some wine and good friends instead of running around all night chasing the ghost of summer past.

BurialS/T Hyperdub
Burial’s self-titled debut is the very first album on Kode9’s Hyperdub label and it is no joke. Forged from the bassy dub decadence and sublte hints of UK garage, things get trippy here very fast. This LP distills the essence of progressive dub.

k-the i???Broken Love Letter Mush
Envision KRS One and experimental hip-hop icons Dalek tripping balls on LSD, each taking turns reciting improvisational poetry at a podium somewhere between earth and hell, and you’re in k-the-i??? country. Mush is on one with this completely deconstructed, one-man hip-hop machine.

MV & EE with the Bummer RoadGreen BluesEcstatic Peace
It seems as though the whole freak folk thing has peaked and Devendra and Chasny enthusiasts are starting to mellow. Things may change, however, with this incredibly cosmic effort from MV & EE with the Bummer Road. Psychedelic music with just the right amount of folk influence has rarely sounded this good. We may have just found our new collective gurus.

Man Man with Steven DufalaSix Demon BagTonearm
Tone Arm is up to some inspired business with their picture-disc series. This offering from the carnie-centric band Man Man is a double-10” release of their Ace Fu album Six Demon Bag, but with intricate artwork from bandmate Steven Dufala. Expect big things from the band and the label!

Various Reggae Hits 36Jet Star
Although autumn has arrived, Reggae Hits 36 will satiate any delusions that summer is completely gone. Complete with new exclusive tracks from Elephant Man, Turbulence, and Junior Kelly, this addition to the classic comp series has got us in July mode once again.

Team DoyobiThe Kphanapic FragmentsSkam
The drill-and-glitch factor is at an all-time high on Team Doyobi’s third full-length. Between the duo’s zeal for zaps and feedback squeals, The Kphanpic Fragments may just be the ticket into the post-Aphex hall fame.