Dino FelipeDinosaur Bones & PyramidsSublight
We’re not sure what Dino Felipe’s been drinking, but it’s something weird. After his scrappy collaboration with Nick Forté, his new full-length offers sonic feedback pursed against a thrashed-out, chaotic downtempo that is as catchy as it is harsh on the head. Dino has reached the next level.

Fat Jon & StyrofoamThe Same ChannelMorr Music
Somewhere out there in indie hip-hop land, a bunch of MCs and producers are pissed because of The Same Channel. Without coming close to complacency or obscurity, producer Styrofoam churns out some spacey, electro-butter while MC Fat Jon comes through with eerie melodies and rapid-fire flows. Thank you, Morr Music. Thank you.

A Raga For Peter WalkerTompkins SquareTompkins Square
Holy smokes. After a 37-year hiatus, acclaimed guitarist Peter Walker releases a few recent gems alongside contemporary guitar innovators like Thurston Moore, Greg Davis, and Jack Rose on this intricate compilation. Far from some corny tribute album, A Raga For Peter Walker is an ode to creation that pushes instrumental boundaries.

Paul KalkbrennerReworksBPitch Control
Do you like your techno minimal? We sure as hell do. On this stunning remix disc featuring tweaked tracks from the likes of Modeselektor, Ellen Alien, and Sascha Funke, Paul’s jams take dark, head-twisting turns that make us all want to move straight to Berlin.

Of Mexican DescentExitos y Mas ExitosTemporary Whatever
Featuring leftfield MCs 2Mex and Xolo, this duo–10 years in the making–has changed the face of hip-hop with their psychedelic, introspective bangers. Originally released in 1997, Exitos y Mas Exitos is getting its second run on Busdriver’s Temporary Whatever imprint this fall. Viva Mexico.

Code EAlgorithm MethodMule
Japanese electronic programmer extraordinaire Code E is no newcomer to the scene. Working under a slew of monikers like Cable, Ebizoo, and Nobuhiko Tanuma, homeboy’s disco-dub stylings on Algorithm Method are definitely exemplary of some of his most progressive work to date.

Elliot LippSteele Street ScrapsEP Hefty
Hefty Records has not been slacking when it comes to releasing hot albums one after the next. Following his acclaimed full-length Tacoma Mockingbird, Elliot Lipp slays it on his minimal, yet electrifying follow-up EP. Lipp’s penchant for synths, dirty snares, and grooving basslines will leave producers and fans shook up in a really good way.

SUN OK PAPI KOOrchestre PhilharmonokSonig
This Belgian dude is crazy. Laurent Baudoux (a.k.a. SUN OK PAPI OK) is one of those musical shakers who thrives on the energy of amusement, avoiding the “serious” approach to his creation process. Comprised of choppy strings and GameBoy bleeps galore, Orchestre Philharmonok is the underground’s newest addition to the grime-crazed platform, pushing buttons that have remained unscathed thus far.

Radio SlavePresents: Creature of the Night Eskimo
Matt Edwards is the glue that bonds Rekid and Radio Slave into a well-rounded dance machine. On this groove-oriented mixtape, Matt pumps out a cohesive mix featuring DJ Hell, The Kills, and Ricardo Villalobos, amongst several killer remixed hits that will shred your night away.

TussleTelescope MindSmalltown Supersound
Rhythm has always played a crucial role here at the XLR8R office and S.F. band Tussle concerns itself with one thing: rhythm. At times reminiscent of Kraut pioneers Faust, at others disco maniacs WhoMadeWho, Telescope Mind is the percussion-infused hit of the year.