The XLR8R Podcast DJ Mix Series has arrived. Every first Thursday of the month a new, exclusive mix will be available for download through the XLR8R Podcast (requires iTunes) and will showcase the latest tracks from a particular artist or label.

Plug Research starts things off, with a hour-long mix from Allen Avanessian, featuring some of the label’s latest releases from artists like Nobody, Mia Doi Todd, James Figurine, AmmonContact, and more. Stay tuned for more in the coming months, and in the meantime enjoy this exclusive mix.

1. Mia Doi Todd “Shikibu”
2. Headset “Outward Sound”
3. Life Force Trio “I Love You”
4. Thomas Fehlmann “Lindt”
5. Milosh “Couldn’t Sleep”
6. Flying Lotus “Hello”
7. Flying Lotus “Untitled #7
8. Nobody “Wake Up And Smell The Millennium”
9. AmmonContact “Through The Moon”
10. Poly “He is At The Discotheque”
11. James Figurine “Leftovers”
12. John Tejada “Alone With You”
13. Mia Doi Todd “Casanova” (Tom Chasteen Dub Mix)
14. Roommate “Fairgrounds
15. David Thomas Broughton “Ever Rotating Sky”
16. Life Force Trio “Space Flowers/Carousel”