Book of Bad Breaks, latest album from San Francisco’s Thee More Shallows and the band’s first for Anticon, shows Dee Kesler, Chavo Fraser, and Jason Gonzales balancing extreme eclecticism with their minimalist approach to the actual production. The core of the album was composed on an inexpensive Casio keyboard, guitar, and distortion pedal, yet the influences present run the gamut from classical compositions to club music, with hints of Ira Kaplan (Yo La Tengo) nestled subtly in the vocals.

Such diversity is what makes Book of Bad Breaks and Anticon a heavenly match. Kesler made connection with the label after discovering its founder, Odd Nosdam, was his neighbor. The two’s mutually experimental spirit led to collaborations and an eventual signing.

Book of Bad Breaks is out April 24, 2007 on Anticon.

1. D. Shallow
2. Eagle Rock
3. The Dutch Fist
4. Night at the Knight School
5. Int. 1
6. Proud Turkeys
7. Int. 2
8. Fly Paper
9. Int. 3
10. Oh Yes, Another Mother
11. The White Mask
12. Chrome Caps
13. Mo Deeper

Cameron Octigan