Theo Parrish has a new album on the way.

Wuddaji is scheduled to land on September 15 on vinyl through Sound Signature, Parrish’s own label. There’s no other information on the release other than its tracklisting, which includes “This Is For You,” a collaboration with vocalist Maurissa Rose that Parrish released as a single last year.

Parrish’s last solo album came in 2014 with American Intelligence. Earlier this year, he released a six-part sound collage called We Are All Georgeous Monsterss.


01. Hambone Capuccino
02. Radar Detector
03. This Is For You feat. Maurissa Rose
04. Wuddaji
05. Hennyweed Buckdance
06. Angry Purple Birds
07. Who Knew Kung Fu
08. All Your Boys Are Biters
09. Knew Better Do Better

Wuddaji LP is scheduled for September 15 release via Sound Signature. Meanwhile, you can stream clips below.