In the latest edition of our weekly gear and production news wrap-up, we check in on two fundraising campaigns for innovative music production products, check out MFB’s intriguing Tanzbär analog drum machine, and remind our fellow gear heads where exactly they can pick up a free copy of the Traktor DJ app for the iPhone and iPad.

Though it first appeared that the iTunes App store would only be giving away Native InstrumentsTraktor DJ app for one day only, the promotion has in fact been extended all the way through to this Sunday. Meaning that those who may have thought they missed out can still grab free downloads of Traktor DJ for the iPad, here, and for the iPhone, here.

Speaking of Native Instruments, XLR8R took the company’s new Kontrol Z1 unit—made specifically to work alongside the Traktor DJ app—for a test drive, and in the end deemed it “an effective, reliable DJ partner for the iPad.” Our full review can be read here.

After first being revealed at this year’s edition of the Musikmesse conference in Europe, the Tanzbär analog drum machine by renowned German gear designers MFB is now officially available to order, and will be hitting stores very soon. As the demo video above briefly showcases, the Tanzbär fits a lot of powerful analog sound creation and manipulation into a rather compact package. The full specs and features of the newly released unit can be found here.

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San Francisco startup Miselu is currently raising funds via Kickstarter in order to push into production its latest design, a wireless, two-octave keyboard for the iPad called the C.24. Backers of the fundraising campaign can offer up to $99 in order to receive a unit from the first run of C.24s produced, while a few other prizes which dip deeper into one’s bank account are also still up for grabs. More information on the C.24 and its fundraising effort can be found here.

The German keyboard designers at NDVR believe they have come up with a better polyphonic aftertouch than any other keyboard around, and are currently raising funds via Indiegogo in order to put the Note—the keyboard controller featured in the video above, which boasts what the company is calling “polyphonic aftertouch 2.0″—into production. The full specifications for the hopefully soon-to-be-forthcoming unit (there are still have two months left of fundraising) can be read up on here.