Thomas Fehlmann will return with a new solo album, titled Los Lagos, this coming September. 

Los Lagos will be the Swiss producer’s seventh solo full-length, his fourth for Kompakt, and his first since 2010’s Gute Luft. We’re told that it finds him “on fabulous form, embracing chance and exploration with vibrant results.” The label describes the sound as “fresh, spacious, and stylishly produced” and adds that “tracks roll out with a fluid ease, encompassing funky swung beats, dub techno, cosmic expanse and gauzy lullabies.” 

The announcement also explains that Fehlmann will be winding down his role in The Orb. “It was time to take a turn, follow my heart and head where the sun rises, or sets”, he says, adding that “this record epitomizes my current musical motivations, dreams, and wishes.” The Orb’s latest album, No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds, was released just last month. 

The artwork for the album’s sleeve is by contemporary artist Albert Oehlen, with additional packaging by The Designers Republic.


 A1/01: Löwenzahnzimmer

A2/02: Window

B1/03: Morrislouis

B2/04: Tempelhof (feat. Max Loderbauer)   

C1/05: Freiluft  

C2/06: Triggerism

D1/07: Neverevernever 

D2/08: Geworden  

Los Lagos LP will arrive on Kompakt on September 7, with “Morrislouis” streaming in full via the player below.