Thomas Fehlmann has unveiled Böser Herbst, a new album on Kompakt Records.

For Böser Herbst, Fehlmann—a Swiss producer living in Berlin—draws from a similar lexicon of sounds as 2018s 1929 – Das Jahr Babylon, his last solo album. Like 1929 – Das Jahr Babylon, the album was produced as the soundtrack to a documentary made by Volker Heise, namely “Herbst 1929, Schatten Über Babylon,” which offers historical insight to the third season of the television series Babylon Berlin.

Fehlmann’s approach was to “capture” samples of contemporaneous music, “picking up the dust of original 1920s archive sound and music excerpts and shaping the essence into this selection of tunes,” he recalls.

After delivering the material to the editing room, Fehlmann “threw all the pieces up in the air, deliberately lost the overview in consequence, researched the atmospheric thread, and assembled it for this album.” That explains the singular nature of the material here, and its ability to sit together so neatly and discretely, as its own entity,” we’re told.

We’re told to expect a “music box” of possibilities, “shadowed by its historical provenance, but never crudely beholden to it.”

For more information on Fehlmann, check out his XLR8R podcast here.


01. Vergessen
02. Karnickel
03. Mit Ausblick
04. Umarmt
05. Abgestellt
06. Vulkan
07. Wunschwechsler
08. Auf Die Spitze
09. Freche Freunde
10. Überschneidungen

Böser Herbst LP is scheduled for April 9 release. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here, where you can also listen to clips.