The folks over at Thrill Jockey keep busy, with an impressive number of releases appearing during any given season. Recently, the label has been putting out a number of limited 12″ records, and of course, the genres represented are wildly diverse. First, Thank You‘s Pathetic Magic slab is a Baltimore affair, featuring remixes of the group’s psychedelic punk from Dan Deacon, Lungfish‘s Asa Osborne, and others. Next up is the 21st-century psychedelia of White Hills, a new signing to the label. The quartet has been blowing speakers and minds for a while now, and with help from members of Oneida and Kurt Vile’s band, it’s no wonder that Thrill Jockey took them on. Finally, the electro-acoustic hypnotism of Mountains gets the vinyl treatment for a limited CDR that was originally distributed on their last tour, and in the spirit of unique editions, each jacket is hand-stamped. With even more coming from the Chicago stalwarts, including new stuff from Javelin and Radian, Thrill Jockey continues to push our ears beyond the blandness of so much contemporary music.