New York-based imprint Throne of Blood has detailed the second in a series of ambient and cosmic-techno compilations which launched earlier this year (the first of which was highlighted in our report on the state of ambient music back in August). The upcoming Moon Rock Volume 2 collection reportedly roams farther afield than its predecessor, presenting “a more expansive view of chakra-stimulating space-music straddling techno, strange acoustic instrumentation, and Balearic flavors.”

Spanning 13 tracks, the compilation taps producers like Arthur Oskan and Cosmo Vitelli and is officially due out in double-LP format on November 10, with a digital release to follow on November 24. Until then, an a-side selection from Jonah Sharp and DJ Spun—appearing in their new configuration as The Loose Control Band—is premiering in advance via XLR8R. Surfacing shortly after the release of the duo’s Lose Control/It’s (Not) Just an 808 EP for Golf Channel, the track couples Rhodes chords with aerial synth work and can be heard in full below.

A1. Tempelhof Gigi Masin “Sessionone”
A2. Loose Control Band “Theme in Eb”
A3. Pittsburgh Track Authority “Beringia”
B1. Balearic Gabba Soundsystem “Groove Me”
B2. Arthur Oskan “Cityspeak”
B3. Red Axes “Welson Nelson”
C1. Pixelife “Platonic Ideal of a Snowstorm”
C2. Ulysses “All In”
C3. Popnoname “Sfumato”
D1. Margot “Pad 120”
D2. AKA JK 24 16 8 (For Kerry)
D3. Cosmo Vitelli “Irritable”
D4. Jens-Uwe Beyer “Wahn”