The husky vocals of London’s Py go well with a healthy dose of bass. Last month, she passed along “Lungs,” a tune produced by George FitzGerald. Now, after months of working with artists like Lapalux, Throwing Snow, Damu, and Raffertie, she’s compiled a mixtape to bring a taste of her many collaborations into one waveform. Entitled Tripping On Wisdom, the mix travels through the sultry highlights of Py’s low-end explorations and is available for download via her Facebook page. For those unwilling to commit a “like” in exchange for a free download, Tripping On Wisdom is streaming on Py’s Soundcloud. The mixtape’s artwork and complete tracklist are below.

Lungs (prod. George FitzGerald)
Whispers (feat. iO)
Black Magic (feat. Kadabrah)
Crowns (feat. Greenwood Sharps)
Blind (feat. Damu)
These Strings (feat. Throwing Snow)
Marigold (feat. Black And White Diamond Tiles)
Withdraw The Ambassador (feat. BretonLabs)
Video Footage (feat. Raffertie)