Throwing Snow will release another album on Houndstooth early next year.

Ross Tones (a.k.a. Throwing Snow) put out his debut album, Mosaic, with Fabric-affiliated Houndstooth back in 2014. He is now set to release a second with the label—14-tracker Embers. The LP was recorded in a small countryside village in County Durham, UK, and according to the label features “sounds captured in the surrounding area” which “became part of the music.”

On the recording, Tones stated: “We are macrocosmic, pattern forming life forms because we have been fine-tuned by evolution to see and hear things in a certain way in order to best survive. We find nature aesthetically pleasing because our minds recognize the complex repeating patterns. Art interprets nature and tries to capture, solidify, use or derive meaning from it in some way.”

Embers will be released on January 20, 2017. Watch the video for “Cosms” below.


01. Cantor’s Dust Pt 1
02. Cantor’s Dust Pt 2
03. Helical
04. Allegory
05. Ruins
06. Gossamer’s Thread
07. Klaxon
08. Glissette
09. Recursion
10. Pattern Forming
11. Prism Pt 1
12. Prism Pt 2
13. Cosms
14. Tesseract