Larry Tiger and David Woods (a.k.a. Tiger & Woods) are preparing their second full-length.

On The Green Again arrives more than five years after Tiger & Wood’ debut LP—titled Through The Green—on Gerd Janson’s Running Back outlet. Have filled that time with a busy touring schedule, various 12″s and one 15-track collection of free edits, the duo are set to release On The Green Again via their own T&W Records, the label they launched with the Scoring Clubs EP series earlier this year.

Comprised of 10 previously-unreleased cuts, the new LP marks a desired return to this specific format and a leap forward n their area of expertise: their brand of fun and functional dance music with influences from electronica, italo disco and uptempo house.

In advance of the LP’s November 4 release, “RockMeLoveMe” is streamable in full below.

Vinyl tracklisting:

A1. Intro
A2. RockMeLoveMe
A3. Bestissimo
B1. Ginger & Fred
B2. Phoenix
C1. Come & Get My Lovin’
C2. Endless Affair
D1. Radio Tiger
D2. Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden
D3. Outro

CD tracklisting:

01. Intro
02. RockMeLoveMe
03. Bestissimo
04. Ginger & Fred
05. Phoenix
06. Come & Get My Lovin’
07. Endless Affair
08. Radio Tiger
09. Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden
10. Outro
11. The Stopper (CD bonus)
12. Balloon (CD bonus)
13. No More Talking (CD bonus)