Tim Green will return to Cocoon with a debut album, titled Her Future Ghost.

We’re told that Green composed Her Future Ghost like an electronic soundtrack to a romantic film. “My concept and direction for Her Future Ghost was to write a film score for a film that doesn’t actually exist,” Green says. “As an avid film score fan, I wanted to create a body of work that took certain typical soundtrack traits. For example, different motifs that repeat throughout, like character themes which evolve and mutate as well as a narrative that develops through the music. In my mind, the story is about two people in the future, a couple on another planet so distorted and corrupted in comparison to our world. Essentially they are trying to flee and survive in a society where they have to go to extreme lengths not be caught and put into the same system and society as everyone else on this planet.”

The album concept was further influenced by the work of Ahmed Emad Eldin, an Egyptian digital artist best known for his design on Pink Floyd’s 2014 album The Endless River. Tim reached out personally to the artist, and the two collaborated on the cover art for Her Future Ghost.

Tim made his production debut on four:twenty in 2006, going on to release on Dirtybird and Get Physical, before Cocoon tapped the young producer for his first EP on the label in 2011.

Dual single Echo / They Want Us To Fall Down, the first release from the 11-track LP, drops on April 27 both digitally and on vinyl. The album will then land on May 18. Meanwhile, you can hear clips of the EP tracks via the player below.


01. New Life
02. Her Future Ghost
03. Colliding
04. The Opera
05. Echo
06. The Incident
07. Evaded
08. Same Life
09. They Want Us To Fall Down
10. He Fell