London-based production talent Tim Green has been chosen to curate the latest installment of the Body Language DJ mix series from renowned label Get Physical. The past few years have seen Tim Green establish himself as a mainstay of anthemic and contemporary dance music, with several club-friendly releases on Cocoon Recordings and a slew of more emotive, contemplative releases on My Favorite Robot Records.

Green showcases his impeccable sequencing skills on his first commercially available mix, taking listeners on a 72-minute sonic journey that explores the delicate, autumnal side of deep house before shifting to tough, crisp techno. The expertly curated selections include exclusives and special edits from Green himself, a delightfully ominous Lusine remix for Max Cooper, as well as tracks from the likes of KiNKHarald Bjork, and more.

Body Language Vol. 18 by Tim Green is scheduled for release on June 3rd.


01. Sven Laux – Off You Go!
02. Ole Biege – Justus – Hommage
03. Landslide – Still There (EDIT)
04. Fiakun Team feat. Paul Omaetxebarria – Around Your Neck (Penner + Muder Remix) (EDIT)
05. M.S. – He’s Got Da Groove
06. Junge Junge feat. Kyle Pearce – Beautiful Girl (Tim Green Remix)
07. Max Cooper – Woven Ancestry (Lusine Remix)
08. S.K.A.M. – Spiritual Heir
09. Dan Berkson & James What – Feel Free (Dorisburg Remix)
10. Kiasmos – Burnt (EDIT)
11. New Build – Luminous Freedom (Tim Green Remix)
12. Justin Jay & Chris Lorenzo – Storm
13. Harald Bjork – Bigfield (EDIT)
14. Kink & Sierra Sam – My Space feat. Hollis P Monroe & Overnite (Kink’s Hardcore mix)
15. Tim Green – Only Time Remains
16. James Holden – 10101 (EDIT)
17. Greg Haines – Habenero