Semibreve has completed its 2015 lineup, adding Time Hecker, Powell, and Luke Abbott to its already bulging roster.

Taking place on the centenary Theatro Circo, the cutting-edge GNRation and Casa Rolão, a centenary building, the festival features a carefully curated live programme and unique collaborations by some of the most revered electronic music artists. This year’s bill also includes Roedelius, Dopplereffekt, Heatsick, Vessel, and Peder Mannerfelt, among others.

You can find more information on Semibreve Festival here, with its latest “reveal” video below, along with the festival program.

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SEMIBREVE 2015 from festival SEMIBREVE on Vimeo.

21:30 Roedelius + Guests (Theatro Circo – Main Room)
22:50 Dopplereffekt (Theatro Circo – Main Room)
23:59 André Gonçalves (Theatro Circo – Small Auditorium)
00:30 Heatsick (GNRation)
01:45 Luke Abbott (GNRation)

15:30 The Wire Q&A with Roedelius (Casa Rolão)
17:30 Die Von Brau (Casa Rolão)
21:30 Vessel + Pedro Maia (Theatro Circo – Main Room)
22:50 Tim Hecker (Theatro Circo – Main Room)
23:59 Klara Lewis (Theatro Circo – Small Auditorium)
00:30 Peder Mannerfelt (GNRation)
01:45 Powell (GNRation)

15:30 The Wire Q&A with Heatsick (Casa Rolão)
17:30 Oren Ambarchi (Theatro Circo – Main Room)
18:40 Takami Nakamoto & Sebastien Benoits (Theatro Circo – Main Room)