Los Angeles label Time No Place has revealed plans to issue the debut LP from Pazes, a Brazilian-born producer who currently resides in Berlin (the artist has also appeared in our Downloads section on numerable occasions in the past). Hosting 11 tracks, Pazes’ Induced LP is said to “curiously exude an uncommon sense of mystery and melancholy,” with its productions incorporating elements of “menacing starkness, wistful ambience, creeping bass groans, and the exploration of textures ranging from almost-weightless to gritty.”

Serving as out first taste of Induced is “Remnants,” a sinking effort which features airy layers of rising vocalist Andrea Balency in its run. Set to close out Pazes’ debut LP when it lands on April 27, “Remnants” can be streamed in full below, where the complete tracklist for Induced has also been included.

1. Be Told
2. Poltergeist
3. Left & Right
4. Sion (feat. Biblo)
5. Wall Five
6. Astir
7. Everyone One (feat. Biblo)
8. Grace
9. Induced
10. Guest
11. Remnants (feat. Andrea Balency)