The long-running and beloved German techno festival, Time Warp, will be returning to the United States for a two-day indoor event in New York City for its second year. Boasting a eye-catching lineup, the festival has just announced the various set times for the upcoming event, which will take place on November 20 -21.

Originally planning on throwing the event at the historic Bedford Armory in Brooklyn, the festival had recently received a great deal of pushback from local communities in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights who are concerned that Time Warp and its many attendees will cause overall quality of life issues within the neighborhood. The other day, Time Warp announced on its Facebook page that the location would be moving back to the 39th Street Pier and will take place in the original warehouse space used for the first edition of Time Warp US.

You can view the set-times in the flyer below and learn more about Time Warp US by going to their website here.