If you’ve been on a dance floor in the past year, you’ve probably heard something from the hands of Baltimore party-rocker Tittsworth. His remixes and edits for the likes of Justice, M.O.P., PM Dawn, and AC/DC have been pumping up the blogs and clubgoers with some serious energy. Not content to play second-fiddle forever, though, the young and talented Jesse Tittsworth (he claims that to be his real name) is getting ready for the spotlight. Plant Music will release 12 Steps, his solo full length debut, on August 12, 2008.

Don’t get confused, though–just because the album features 12 tracks of Tittsworth’s original beats and production doesn’t mean that he’s been in the studio alone. The hot-and-heavy guest list features Kid Sister, Pase Rock, The Federation, DJ Assault, and more contributing to these raucous b-more burners.

12 Steps
1. Haiku
2. WTF
3. Broke Ass Nigga
4. Almond Joy
5. Bumpin’
6. 911
7. Drunk As Fuck
8. B-Rockin’
9. Here He Comes
10. Tear The Club Up 2008
11. 4.21
12. Tittsworth’s Theme