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Danish audio company AIAIAI will soon launch now launching H05, the new smart headband for the TMA-2 Modular Headphone System, which adds HD wireless functionality to all existing headphone configurations.

TMA-2 is the world’s most extensive modular headphone system, designed in Copenhagen in collaboration with Kilo. Consisting of more than 1000 possible configurations, the modularity means users can create their own unique, personalized AIAIAI product that ts their specific needs while enabling a quick and easy change of individual parts along the way.

The New Smart Headband:

The H05 headband is an essential addition to the parts already existing within the TMA-2 Modular Headphone System. The headband works simply when plugged into any TMA-2 speaker unit, instantly enabling high-quality Bluetooth audio transmission.

The integration of the Bluetooth technology into the headband alone allows any configuration of the TMA-2 to be wireless, thereby retaining full modularity in the system.

This gives new users the full freedom to choose while allowing existing customers to upgrade the headband and keep their sound preferences, without having to spend money on a whole new wireless headphone. Not only does this modularity mean less investment for the customer, it also results in much less waste for the environment.

“At first, we explored whether creating a new speaker unit could be a way to introduce wireless technology to the system. But that felt wrong somehow, as it would be limiting to have only a few wireless sound configurations. That’s why we came up with this idea of integrating the Bluetooth module into the headband, to maintain that 100% modularity,” explains Christian Buch Lorentzen, Head of New Product Development.


The H05 headband runs on a CSR 8675 Bluetooth chip. The chip is fully ready for future software implementation, and in combination with the aptX HD codec, offering hi-res audio, this new component for TMA-2 takes the system into the realm of state-of-the-art wireless technology.

The headband has the following controls: Play, Pause, Skip, Volume, and Answer Call. Any cable from TMA-2 can be inserted into the speaker unit for cabled audio, bypassing the Bluetooth in the H05 headband when required.

  • Bluetooth 4.2.
  • aptX HD, aptX, AAC, SPC codecs.
  • USB-C port.
  • 16h playback time.
  • 2h charging time.
  • Omnidirectional microphone, standard power: 2.0V, Frequency range 300~5KHz.
  • Durable EMS TR90 nylon material.
  • USB-C to USB charging/connecting cable.

H05 retail price: $125/125€

Wireless configurations retail from $235/€235 to $315/€315

For more information, please visit here.