Tobacco is well-known as head honcho of Pittsburgh-based neo-psych outfit Black Moth Super Rainbow, but avid his fans know that he doesn’t sit at home twiddling his thumbs when the band takes a break. Hence, Fucked Up Friends, his debut full-length under his solo moniker and next up on anticon.‘s release schedule.

Analog synths and tape machines about here, as do distorted hooks and the occasional lyric that’s been manipulated beyond comprehension. And even though we can’t understand the words, a definite sinister air hangs over the entire release, hardly surprising when one names their his debut Fucked Up Friends. Prepare for darkness on October 14.

Fucked Up:
01 Street Trash
02 Truck Sweat
03 Hairy Candy
04 Hawker Boat
05 Side 8 (Big Guns Version)
06 Yum Yum Cult
07 Berries That Burn
08 Get My Nails Did
09 Dirt feat. Aesop Rock
10 Gross Magik
11 Little Pink Riding Hood
12 Backwoods Alter
13 –
14 Tape Eater
15 Pink Goo
16 Grease Wizard