Recent Arts it the collaborative project of Tobias Freund (known for his work for Ostgut under the alias Tobias) and Valentina Berthelon, the successful Chilean visual artist. Together, they present live audio-visual shows ranging from experimental improvisations to works that are more aligned with the global electronic music club scene. They are also set to release an album via Tobias’ Non Standard Productions imprint which is scheduled for March 30 release.

The duo manipulate sound and image in real time during their stage shows. The music is created and performed by means of an application based on Max/MSP. This application has been developed by Max Loderbauer and Tom Thiel, and finalized based on ideas by Tobias Freund. It is a “Loop Based Computer Controlled Engine” that repeats and processes sounds in a free and natural way–which feels like listening to the flowing water of a creek, or to the sound of the wind. Repetitions are constantly being modulated, no patterns are the same. In addition, the musical structure is combined with a full range of analog synthesis to achieve a wide spectrum of frequencies.

“The History Of Darkness” is the audio-visual concept created by Recent Arts. It takes you on a trip from the past to the future of perception, using sounds and images of the universe.

Inspired by the aesthetics of science and mathematics, the duo capture images from these fields to create vibrant animations aiming to describe the motion of living creatures or machines on our planet with the goal of highlighting their beauty and simplicity.

Their music covers a wide range from ambient/drone to industrial/noise while the images are synchronised with the experimental flow of sounds to be processed live during their A/V show.

Below you can view the video teaser for “Static Universe” as an example of their performance

01. The History Of Darkness
02. Emptiness Syndrom
03. Colors In Motion
04. The Form Of Time
05. Static Universe
06. The Extension Of Expansion
07. Into Infinity
08. Zero Theorem
09. Branwelt
10. Recent Dawn

Recent Arts LP is scheduled for March 30 release via Non Standard Productions.

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