How can you get from Milli Vanilli to Drexciya? This is a question that techno producer Tobias Freund may be set to answer with the release of Leaning Over Backwards on Ostgut Ton, the debut LP from his new moniker, Tobias. With his label, Non Standard Productions, and working as a sound engineer for the past 20 years, Freund has had the opportunity to work and collaborate with artists as disparate as Milli Vanilli and Ellen Allien. Leaning Over Backwards takes advantage of his experience and long-cultivated technical know-how to forgo the ubiquitous computer-based sequencing in favor of classic drum machines and hardware synthesizers. The resulting album is a jammy, live-influenced exploration of underwater techno in the Drexciyan mold. Leaning Over Backwards doesn’t come out until July 4, but in the meantime you can check out the tracklisting and album art below.

01. Girts
02. Party Town
03. Voices Told Me To Do That
04. Skippy
05. Zero Tolerance
06. Free No.1
07. Leaning Over Backwards
08. Observing The Hypocrites
09. The Key
10. She Still Calls Me Mister
11. We Stick To The Plan
12. Now I Know

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