Well, this is certainly a surprise. Next week, New Jersey garage legend Todd Edwards will be dropping an all-new, five-song EP, his most substantial release in years. And what label will be bringing his new creations into the world? Believe it or not, the Shall Go EP (artwork above) is coming courtesy of upstart LA imprint Body High. Granted, we’ve been singing the praises of Body High since the label first surfaced late last year, but the addition of an artist like Todd Edwards is quite the “get” for the young SoCal record hub. The Shall Go EP comes out on March 13, but Body High has passed along the record in the meantime, which is streaming in its entirety below. Listen for yourself, but Todd Edwards undoubtedly still sounds like himself, as the EP’s five songs are full of shuffling drum patterns, cut-up vocal samples, and stunningly positive vibes.

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