As one would undoubtedly imagine, house/garage legend Todd Edwards has collected a massive amount of vinyl records over the span of his 25-year musical career; the good news for us is that he’s now auctioning off his enviable collection on eBay. It’s not that he’s hanging up the decks and calling it quits, or anything like that, the New Jersey native simply has too many records and just doesn’t have the space for them in his new LA digs. Edwards claims to have sampled every single record he’s selling at least once, so it’s safe to assume that the collection is a guaranteed goldmine of inspiration, ranging from rare disco 12″s to obscure house gems from the ’80s and ’90s to who knows what other dusty sounds. If you’re looking to spice up your sample selection, or just boost the validity of your own trove of tunes (not to mention be able to tell people you own Todd Edwards’ records), you might consider bidding on the lot here. Though the current bid is only $102.50, there are still five days left on the auction.