Todd Terje‘s “Delorean Dynamite” first surfaced back in February, and was eventually released in April as part of the Norwegian producer’s celebrated It’s Album Time LP. Now, several months later, Terje has commissioned a new video utilizing the track; it could be considered a music video for the song, but it’s also a sort of classified ad that’s looking to sell an actual Delorean. Apparently, a Delorean owner in Norway—who is identified only as “Frank”—was looking to sell his vehicle on Craigslist, and once the situation came to Terje’s attention, he enlisted Espen Friberg—who also directed the “Leisure Suit Preben” video—to put together a piece using both the “Delorean Dynamite” song and footage of Frank’s car in action. Most people recognize the Delorean as the car from the Back to the Future films, and the vehicles, which were only produced from 1981 to 1983, have also become something of a collector’s item over the years. Those interested in inquiring about this particular car can contact, while everyone else can simply watch the video/ad below.