Sigha will release a new album early next year.

Berlin-based techno producer James Shaw (better known as Sigha) released his debut full-length with Hotflush back in 2012. It has just been announced that Belgian imprint Token Records will release his second early next year—Metabolism. It’s not the first time Shaw has appeared on the label, having already put out two EPs with them over the past couple of years.

The label promises that the LP is Shaw’s “definitive statement on a production aesthetic that has been in development over the last few years,” featuring “high-energy dance floor moments and abstract tracks alike.” It follows on from recent Token releases by the likes of Oscar MuleroAntigone and Inigo Kennedy.

Metabolism is expected to drop on February 24, 2017.


01. Suffocate
02. Down
03. Stabbing
04. Porcelain
05. Strobing
06. Coming Apart
07. Black Massing
08. Interior
09. Her
10. Morning Star
11. Positive Mutilation
12. Porcelain (Ideal)