Token, the Belgian techno label operated by Kr!z, will soon celebrate a decade in operation with Momentum (10 Years Of Token), a compilation featuring only collaborative tracks.

Over the last 10 years, Token Records has grown steadily, both in size and stylistic breadth. The aptly-titled Momentum comes as a celebration of the close-knit family of artists amassed throughout the label’s running. The record is a fitting collaborative project, with every track on the album produced by two longstanding and well-respected artists from the label’s roster and specially commissioned for the release. This type of collaboration is intended to showcase the specific sound of the label, developed through 10 years of careful curation, as well as bringing out the individual identities of the artists involved.

Inigo Kennedy, who helped launch the label in 2007 with the Identify Yourself features alongside Antigone, Ctrls, Oscar Mulero, and Kr!z himself. Since Token’s launch, Kr!z has focused on DJing and running the label, and his two appearances here—one alongside Kennedy; one with Ctrls—are described as “a first step… into releasing his own music.”


A1. Rødhåd & Sigha “Bloom”
A2. Ø [Phase] & Rødhåd “Detonation Vertex”
B1. Antigone & Ø [Phase] “Icosahedron Flood”
C1. Inigo Kennedy & Kr!z “Amalgam”
D1. Tadeo & Ctrls “Dropout”
D2. Ctrls & Antigone “The Hardest Part”
E1. Kr!z & Ctrls “Comets”
E2. Inigo Kennedy & Sigha “Minor Ascent”
F1. Oscar Mulero & Inigo Kennedy “Catharsis”

Momentum (10 Years Of Token) is scheduled for December 1 release.