Sofheso will release his debut album on London’s First Terrace Records.

Sofheso is the nom de guerre of Tohru Iioka, a resident at Tokyo, Japan’s Forest Limit club, where he rattles the ribcages of attendees at his monthly party. He released his ARCHIVE tape through First Terrace in 2018, and has previously released works through BirdFriend, Bataskiya Tapes, and Yuritona.

Stacked full of juggernaut rhythms, frenzied vocal samples, and machine-gun drum programming, A RECORD (記録|) showcases four irresistibly rough one-takes. Across its 53 minutes, barely four bars are the same, as Iioka “always takes an unseen path to find fresh rhythmic possibility.”

As part of a tour earlier this year, First Terrace travelled to Japan to do a show with Iioka in Forest Limit. The recording of his performance at that show has been dubbed to tape and will released as part of a special edition, along with the album and a zine of sketches by Kan Togashi, the artist responsible for the album cover.

Ahead of the album’s release, you can hear “ONJJ” in full below, which deals out major bludgeoning damage as chunks of subby utterance boil over into a nimble breakbeat.


01. ECSS
02. ASR
03. RFF
04. ONJJ
05. KLR
06. WRBB
07. HUI6
08. NDNG
09. YFQ

A RECORD (記録) LP is out on September 25. Meanwhile, you can pre-order here.